Instantaneous stop restart relay:
MB4 series

Types and ratings

Ratings and Specifications

Item Performance
Power failure detection voltage 65%±5%Ue(25℃) temperature error±2%Ue(at 25℃)
Power reset detection voltage 89%±2%Ue at50Hz(25℃)temperature error±2%Ue(at 25℃)
91%±2%Ue at60Hz
Time length for anti-instantaneous restart(※1) 0.02±0.02sec./0.175±0.025sec.(incl. temperature error)
Time length for anti-
0.5±0.1sec./1±0.1sec./2±0.2sec./4.5±0.5sec.(incl. temperature error)
Output pulse width (both a contact and b contact) 0.1±0.025sec.(incl. temperature error)
Reset time(※3) 5sec. Max.
Maximum allowable power supply volatege 110%Ue
Permissible ambient temperature range -10~+50℃(No icing, No condensation)
Permissible relative humidity 35~85%(No icing, No condensation)
Control output AC240V 2A(Resistive load)
Power consumption AC100V・・・Approx. 0.3VA AC200V・・・Approx. 0.7VA
AC110V・・・Approx. 0.4VA AC220V・・・Approx. 0.8VA
AC120V・・・Approx. 0.4VA AC240V・・・Approx. 0.9VA
Surge resistance 2000V(JIS C 61000-4-5)
Noise immunity (Malfunction) Noise simulator method,
Pulse ovelay 1000V without malfunction
Waveform:Noise width 1μs,
Rise 1ns and under, posituve/negative
Phase0 ~ 360°, Recurring sync with power supply
applied for 1min.
Between socket terminals
Dielectric strength 2000V AC 1min. between current carrying part and non-current currying part
1000V AC 1min. between open contact
Insulation resistance not less than 100MΩ(DC500V DC megger)
Vibration Malfunction 10~55Hz double amplitude
0.5mm(10 times each in triaxial directions)
Durability 10~55Hz, 0.75mm double amplitude(1 hour each in triaxial directions)
Shock resistance Malfunction 100m/s2(4 times each in triaxial directions)
Durability 500m/s2(5 times each in triaxial directions)
Mechanical durability (Output contact) 20 million operations
Mass Approx.100g

Time length for anti instantaneous restart…
Indicate that the minimum duration of a power failure to suppress timed-restart.
(indicate the maximum duration of a power failure to perform an instantaneous restart.)
Time length for anti-timed-restart…
Indicate the minimum duration of a power failure to suppress a timed-restart.
(indicate the maximum duration of a power failure to perform a timed-restart.)
Reset time…Time that is from the load starts until the relay become capable operation.
●Sockets are available.

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