Pushbuttons, Pilot lights: AR/DR16 minico series

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  • An integrated structure with built-in contacts that can reduce control panel depth.
  • A wide variety of sockets are available to simplify wiring.
  • An integrated operator component and contact mechanism that reduces control panel's depth.
    A unified depth of 28.4mm for the Standard type and 35.9mm for the Thin type.
  • Thin type and Standard type available for your control panel design.
    Select an optimum one to match your control panel design.
TÜV: EN60947-5-1
        EN60947-5-5(Emergency stop pushbutton)
CSA C22.2 No.14
CCC GB14048.5
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Supporting smaller and thinner operator's panels

A structure that integrates operator and contacts to reduce panel-mounting depth.
Terminals extending to the rear of the switch ensure easy wiring work.

  • Standard type : 28.4mm deep
  • Thin type : 35.9mm deep
  • Emergency stop : 28mm deep

A wide variety of sockets reduce wiring work

The switches are combined with the sockets of many variety to make wiring work simple and easy.

Contributes to attractive panel design

In addition to the standard type, a slim type with a panel protrusion for barely 2 mm is available, allowing high-density mounting for attractive panel designs.

The insertion/extraction life of the key is greatly extended

The key selector switch with a pin tumbler type key (reversible type) built in. Insertion/extraction performance and durability of the key improved.
• Six key types are available.
• The pin tumbler construction improves security.

Brighter illuminated surface-Dedicated LED Lamp

Less power consumption helps to save energy.
A longer service life helps to reduce maintenance costs.

Degrees of protection IP65

The operator has IP65 protection for smooth operation without adverse effects from oil, water, or dusts.
Used in various installations, from machine tools to OA equipments.

Standard models meet international standards

Standard models meet UL/CSA requirements, China Compulsory Certification (CCC) standards, and TÜV EN standards. making them ideal for equipment for export.

Note: Pushbuttons, Pilot lights shipped as single articles to China must conform to the Product Quality Law. Check with your Fuji Electric representative


Contact ratings

Specifications/Emergency stop pushbutton switch (Indoor use)

Contact ratings/Emergency stop pushbutton switch

Lamp rating and current consumption/Emergency stop pushbutton switch

Types/Emergency stop pushbutton switch

Flush rectangular AR16F0N, AR16F5N

Dimensions  AR16F0N, AR16F5N

Flush rectangular with guard AR16G0N, AR16G5N

Dimensions AR16G0N, AR16G5N

Flush square AR16F0M, AR16F5M

Dimensions AR16F0M, AR16F5M

Extended round AR16E0L, AR16E5L

Dimensions AR16E0L, AR16E5L

Flush rectangular AR16F0T, AR16F5T

Dimensions AR16F0T, AR16F5T

Flush rectangular with guard AR16G0T, AR16G5T

Dimensions AR16G0T, AR16G5T

Flush square AR16F0S, AR16F5S

Dimensions AR16F0S, AR16F5S

Extended round AR16E0R, AR16E5R

Dimensions AR16E0R, AR16E5R

Flush rectangular DR16F0N

Dimensions DR16F0N

Flush rectangular DR16F0N

Dimensions DR16F0N

Extended round DR16E0L

Dimensions DR16E0L

Dome DR16D0L

Dimensions DR16D0L

Knob with rectangular bezel AR16PT

Dimensions AR16PT

Knob with square bezel AF16PS

Dimensions AF16PS

Knob with round bezel AF16PR

Dimensions AF16PR

Key with rectangular bezel AR16JT

Dimensions AR16JT

Key with square bezel AR16JS

Dimensions AR16JS

Key with round bezel AR16JR

Dimensions AR16JR

Emergency stop pushbutton switches AR16V0R,AR16V1R

Dimensions AR16V0R,AR16V1R

Emergency stop illuminated pushbutton switches AR16V0L, AR16V1L

Dimensions AR16V0L, AR16V1L

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