Motor Control

Motor Control
Solid-state contactors:
SS series /Single-pole

Solid-state contactors: SS series /Single-pole
Long service life with high reliability.
Single-phase load ON/OFF controll with the rate of 10-200 Amps.
Solid-state contactors (SSC) are required in cases where contacts must have long life because contacts are frequently made and broken, and where contactor noise must be eliminated. Single-pole solid-state contactors incorporate thyristors as making and breaking elements in the main circuit.
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Operation indicator provided

provided as a standard feature for all

An operation indicator LED (red) is provided as a standard feature for all models, so you can easily check whether a control voltage is applied to the SSC.


Long service life, optimum for highly frequent switching

The solid-state contactor utilizes high-performance semiconductor switch elements to include the functions and features of conventional magnetic contactors. The SSC, featuring longlife, low-noise, and high-speed response, is suitable for highly frequent switching of various types of loads, such as motors and heaters.


Built-in surge suppressor

Varistors and C-R circuits are included so that surge voltage due to SSCswitching and lightening can besuppressed to protect the control andmain circuits.


SSC with zero-cross switching function

provided as a standard feature for all

The SSC is also available with a zero-cross switching function to enable load current switching at the point where the line voltage is near zero to suppress excessive inrush current in the load circuit.


Built-in auxiliary contact

An auxiliary contact module using semiconductor switches or relay contacts is included. Therefore an auxiliary output signal can easily be obtained without using a separate auxiliary devices.(SS701~SS2001)

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