Limit switches:
AL-S,K244 series

AL-S,K244 series
AL-S series
AL-S series limit switches feature a forced contact opening mechanism. Under abnormal conditions, the mechanism forces the contacts open to prevent pitting and fusing. Gold-plated silver contacts with scrubbing action have high reliability.
K244 series
The K244 series is provided with four different kinds of contact operating actions: standard normal stroke, snap action, make-before-break, and extended stroke.
WK244 of the K244 series has bifurcated contacts, while HK244 features the scrubbing action mechanism. These limit switches can be used in the low-level circuits of 3V, 5mA.
AL-S series
The AL-S series limit switches feature a forced contact opening mechanism. This mechanism prevents contact welding and subsequent malfunctioning. These series therefore result in extremely dependable system controls.
K244 series
FUJI K244 type limit switches have an excellent performance.
K244 limit switches employ a highly dependable and long lasting double break silver alloy contact system. These can be expected to perform more than 10 million mechanical operations and the rate of 3,000 operations per hour.
The large variety of operating modes such as standard stroke, snap-action mode, make-before-break mode, extended stroke mode, and etc. allow you to select a suitable limit switch that fully meets your needs.
K244 limit switches are widely used for industrial apparatus such as machine tools, printing machines, conveyors, automatic machines and door interlocking and similar applications. The aluminum die-cast housing can also be supplied in an oil and water proof version.
UL508 (Type AL-S□UL);
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■ Forced contact opening mechanism
This mechanism does not operate under normal conditions. However, when the switch plunger overtravels under abnormal conditions the mehcanism comes into operation and forcibily opens the NC contacts thus preventing contact welding.
This action improves the dependability of electrical systems.• The forced contact opening mechanism is provided so as to overcome contact problems.

  • Gold-plated contacts and the self cleaning function ensure contact reliability.
  • Operational mode indicator can replace existing cover with lamp indicator cover when required.
    An LED or neon lamp is used depending on supply voltage.
  • Contact mechanical design
    Contact operating mechanisms can be selected according to the applicationsnap, overlap and normal actions
  • Conform to IEC Standard

K 244 features

  • Insulation resistance: Over 100MΩ at 500V DC
  • Dielectric strength: 2500V AC rms 1 minute
  • Max. operating cycle: 3000 cycles/h
  • Life expentancy
    Mechanical: 10 million operations
    K244-2, 2U and 2V
    3.3 million operations at 24 to 550V AC 3A
    1.3 million operations at 24 to 550V AC 3A

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