Pushbuttons, Pilot lights:
AH164, 165, 165-2 series

AH164, 165, 165-2 series
Panel cutout 16mm, easy replacement and adding of contacts
The 16mm dia. series of compact size pushbuttons are 'finger-size',and consequently take up little panel space. AH165-2 series operators are about twice as large as the AH164 and AH165 series operators for easier operation. With many types of operator available, the most suitable switch can be identified by color, shape and legend, and have a smooth, quality "snap-action". In spite of their small size they have a highly reliable mechanism, and are eminently suited for solid state and other electronic circuits.
AH164 and AH165
UL508,CSA C22.2 No.14,TÜV: EN60947-5-1,EN60947-5-5(Emergency pushbutton ),CCC:GB14048.5
UL508,CSA C22.2 No.14,TÜV: EN60947-5-1, CCC:GB14048.5
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Strong construction

The operator and contact blocks are molded from an excellent thermal resistance resin and can withstand the heat at the time of soldering. Since these pushbuttons are manufactured to industrial standards they can withstand vibration or shock thus eliminating lamp failure due to such causes as loose bases. With regards to the degree of protection, standard types which met the requirements of IP40 of IEC 60529, and oil tight types which meet the requirements of IP65 of the aforementioned, are available.
This permits the applicationto various fields, from machine tools to OA(Office Automation) facilities.

Quality feel tough

Both the operator and contact block are precisely engineered. There is no fear of the switch malfunction even after long use and it continues to operate smoothly for its service life of about 1,000,000 operations.

Easy color alteration

Color lenses fit over the inner button. The lens can be easily removed with a small screwdriver.


Visible inscription

Button legends are printed on legend sheet, which is stuck to the legend plate on the inner button. The lettering is back lit by the switch lamp and the inscription is highly visible through the color lens. Contact FUJI for your lettering requirements.


Excellent switch reliability

The switch uses a snap-action mechanism. The pushbuttons are available with either momentary or alternative actions. The snap-action switch has a double break movement which operates independently of the speed of switching. The contacts are made from gold-flashed silver. High contact reliability of 1mA at 5V AC/DC is assured. Contact blocks are available in1NO+1NC to 3NO+3NC arrangement.

Large terminals

Solder/tab terminal is provided as standard. Wire-wrap terminal is available on reguest.



FUJI’s original Trigger Action mechanism is used in the emergency stop pushbuttons.
They are suitable for emergency stop and safety. This mechanism prevents the contacts from moving until the button is pushed and locked.

  • Provided with a trigger action mechanism conforming to EN418.
  • Provided with direct opening action (approved by TÜV)

conforming to EN60947-5-1 and EN60947-5-5.

Alternate action

In the case of alternate action when the button is depressed the contacts are maintained and remain so even if the finger is removed. The button will not return to its free position. In order to remove the lock, the button must be given a second pressure before the button will return to its free position. This makes it most suitable as the switch for a power source.


Pushbutton with finger guards

Finger guards are provided for square or rectangular type pushbuttons (SF, TF, SL and TL types) in order to prevent operational error of adjacent buttons.

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