Handling of Personal Information Provided in Inquiries

  1. To enable Fuji Electric (hereinafter referred to as "FE") to respond appropriately to your inquiry, please ensure that you make the correct selections regarding products, services, company information and other information.
  2. Please be aware that, depending on the content of your request, FE may be unable to respond or may require some time to prepare a response.
  3. Personal information provided by customers in relation to or as part of an inquiry (hereinafter referred to as "customer information") will be handled in accordance with the items set out below. Please ensure that you agree with all of these items before using the inquiry facilities available on this site. At your own discretion, you may refuse to provide customer information, but FE may be unable to provide a response in the event that certain information is not received.
    1. 1) Handling of customer information
      Customer information provided via the inquiry page on this website will be managed strictly in accordance with the Fuji Electric Privacy Policy.
    2. 2) Intended use of customer information
      Customer information will be used for the purpose of fulfilling or otherwise processing requests from the customer to whom the information pertains.
    3. 3) Disclosure of customer information
      FE will not disclose customer information to third parties except in the following circumstances:
      • When permission has been granted by the customer;
      • When disclosure of such information is necessary to protect human lives, to prevent injury or suffering, or to protect property, even when permission for such use is not readily forthcoming from the customer;
      • When legally required to do so;
      • When entrusting the use of personal information to a third party to the extent that this is necessary to achieve the stated purpose;
      • If all or part of FE' business activities are transferred to another party due to corporate mergers, corporate separations, the sale or transfer of operations, or other reasons.
    4. 4) Entrusting customer information to third parties
      When it is determined that responding to a customer inquiry through any of Fuji Electric' affiliated companies or subcontractors (appointed agents, etc.) would be appropriate, Fuji Electric may provide the details of the inquiry, including customer information, to such parties. In such circumstances, Fuji Electric takes responsibility for appropriately monitoring the use of such personal information by the third party.
    5. 5) About Requests related to Personal Information
      Customers may make requests relating to their own personal information. Such requests include those for the 1) notification of the intended use of personal information, 2) disclosure of personal information, 3) correction, addition, or deletion of personal information, and 4) cessation of use, purge, or cessation of disclosure to third parties of personal information. For details of the procedure for making such requests, please see the section entitled Procedure for Requests related to Personal Information.
    6. 6) Notice to Customers 15 Years or Younger
      Customers aged 15 years old or younger must first obtain consent from a parent or guardian before making inquiries.
    7. 7) Inquiries related to the handling of customer information Please contact the Inquiries Office if you have any questions or comments regarding the handling of customer information.

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