Solutions and Case studies

Solutions and Case studies

Recommended solutions and case studies

Structural health monitoring system utilizing vibration sensors

Helping to keep city residents safe by instantly assessing the degree of damage to buildings

Fuji's Power Electronics contributes to energy savings and the best ride-comfort to Japanese bullet train,"Shinkansen"

Innovating power semiconductors and control technology! Spotlight on the main converter inverter, the heart of Shinkansen.

Development of a thick tea dispenser

Sustainable development for the workers and residents of nursing care facilities

World’s top share! Fuji Electric’s geothermal power generation equipment

Providing high-reliability equipment with our three strong points and contributing to the spread of clean energy

Supporting the supply of power for about 420,000 households.

Geothermal power generation facilities are contributing to economic and social development in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Power demand prediction system ZEBLA

Promoting energy conservation activities with our ZEBLA system that predicts and optimally controls the power demand

Visualization of work, equipment operation, and energy

Enhanced productivity through real-time visualization of quality, manufacturing progress, operation rates, and energy

EMS solutions for the semiconductor field

Optimization of electric and thermal energy to solve energy-saving and production line stoppage challenges

Exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS)

Development story of our world’s smallest SOx scrubber that is helping to solve the environmental problems of ships

Plant monitoring and control system for Japan’s largest combustible waste incineration facility

Contributing to the protection of the global environment by enabling stable operation of the facilities

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