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Drives & Controls

AC Drives (LV)
AC Drives (MV)
Servo Systems
PLC, Programmable logic controller
HMI, Human machine interface

Semiconductors & Devices

Storage Devices

UPS & Industrial Power Supply

Large-Capacity Rectifier
Data Center

Sensors & Measurement

Radiation Monitoring

Monitoring & Control System

Process Control System
Monitoring & Control System
Process Data Acquisition and analysis

Distributions and Controls

LV Distribution
Motor Control
Energy Control Equipment
MV Distribution

Transmission & Distribution

Oil-immersed Transformer
Cast Resin Transformer
Switchgear & Control Center


Thermal and Geothermal
Nuclear Power
Fuel Cells

Transit Systems

Tunnel Ventilation System
Marine Environment Protection
Electrical Equipment for Railcars

Food and Beverage Distribution

Vending Machine
Can Vending Machine
Coin Mechanism
Bill Validator

Service & Equipment Upgrades

Service Solution
Upgrade Transformers
Upgrade AC Drives (MV)
Upgrade UPS
Upgrade Monitoring & Control System
Upgrade AC Drives (LV)

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