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Monitoring & Control System

Fuji Electric supplies products that incorporate power electronics technology, to improve the efficiency and stability of energy, such as UPS and PCS.

Process Control System, MICREX-NX

We offer optimum solutions for long-term stable and reliable plant operations at each phase of system lifecycles, including design and engineering, operation, maintenance, and updating.

Monitoring & Control System, MICREX-VieW XX

MICREX-VieW XX is a Monitoring & Control System based on the technologies developed for Fuji Electric's plant Monitoring & Control System MICREX Series, with further advanced visibility, operability, and reliability.

Monitoring & Control System for plant, MICREX-VieW FOCUS

MICREX-VieW FOCUS is a Monitoring & Control System that optimizes plant operations. Since its release in 1996, it has continued to evolve, enabling the construction of more open and flexible Monitoring & Control System.

Process Data Acquisition and analysis, f(s)NISDAS

Package software f(s)NISDAS, the ideal solution for diverse uses such as startup, operation monitoring, and maintenance of production equipment.

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