Clean energy and stable supply of energy

The products vary by country and region.

Eco-friendly energy security and efficient utilization

Using low-temperature hot water and steam as heat sources

Geothermal binary power generation effectively using low-temperature heat sources

Geothermal binary power generation makes use of a medium that has a boiling point lower than that of water to generate steam from low-temperature hot water that cannot be used for ordinary geothermal power generation. Fuji Electric has been developing geothermal power generation since the 1970s, and we now hold about 40% of the world’s market share of power generation equipment. Our geothermal binary power generation began in 2010 with Takigami Binary, our first commercial geothermal binary power plant.

  • 滝上バイナリーの地熱発電所
  • タービン

Stabilizing the output of photovoltaic power generation

Utilizing storage batteries to stabilize the output of Japan’s largest mega solar plant

Fuji Electric undertook the entire engineering, procurement, and construction for the Suzuran Kushiro-cho Solar Power Plant which was put into operation in February 2020. We installed output stabilization technology such as storage batteries and controllers that control the charging and discharging of the batteries as a solution to the problem of sudden changes in the amount of solar radiation. This successfully enables the fluctuation range of the combined output* of the power plant to be controlled within 1% per minute.

  • すずらん釧路町太陽光発電所
  • 蓄電池や充放電の制御施設外観

Local production of renewable energy for local consumption

Contributing to local production of renewable energy for local consumption with a community energy management system

Fuji Electric provides a community energy management system (CEMS) and power receiving and distribution substation equipment for the Soma IHI Green Energy Center in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture.

  • IHIグリーンエネルギーセンターのサイネージ
  • IHIグリーンエネルギーセンターの太陽光発電

Virtual power plants utilizing IoT

Optimization of energy by means of virtual power plants

A virtual power plant (VPP) is a mechanism that utilizes IoT to collectively control consumer resources such as generators and large storage batteries and makes them function like a single power plant. Fuji Electric has amassed advanced expertise on electric power grids through the development of automation systems for power distribution systems with electric power companies as well as smart community demonstration project initiatives. We have also been developing storage battery system technology since 2016.

  • 蓄電制御システム外観
  • VPPイラスト

Enabling stable energy infrastructures

Building stable infrastructures in limited spaces

Engineering capabilities for creating electric power infrastructures in areas with limited space

Fuji Electric was involved in the construction of the Tedorigawa Daiichi Hydroelectric Power Plant, which was constructed in a mountainous area with a particularly small space for equipment installation. To solve the problems of this site, we mounted gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) on the roof of the power plant building, and saved space by combining the configurations of the equipment to be installed and thoroughly downsizing the layout through rational engineering.

  • 手取川第一発電所1
  • 手取川第一発電所2

Comprehensive capabilities for creating electric power infrastructures

Turnkey contract to provide electric power equipment construction for one of the largest commercial facilities in Cambodia

The Fuji Electric Group has been expanding overseas. We utilized our group’s engineering capabilities, high-quality product provision capabilities, and local construction and process management capabilities to produce the total electrical equipment construction for the AEON MALL Sen Sok City in Cambodia. These capabilities enable us to create electric power infrastructures that make the most of our comprehensive strengths both in Japan and abroad.

  • イオンモール セン ソック シティ俯瞰写真
  • 配電盤

Device with the world’s largest output that protects the world’s largest plant

The world’s largest transformer rectifier

Aluminum smelting has an essential need for DC power. Fuji Electric provided our S-Former, a large-capacity transformer rectifier that converts from AC to DC power, for the world’s largest aluminum smelting plant located in Bahrain. We also provided plant engineering at the same time and were honored to receive a commendation from the plant operator ALBA that cited Fuji Electric as “a company that demonstrated the highest level of performance without accidents.”

  • 大容量変圧整流装置「S-Former」外観1
  • 大容量変圧整流装置「S-Former」外観2

Technology enables the stable operation of railways

Engineering and installation of one of Japan’s largest power distribution panels that controls 23 lines

Railway substations require the installation of many electrical components on one floor. Fuji Electric delivered a power distribution panel set that includes a DC high-speed vacuum circuit breaker to a railway substation that services many lines. We successfully accommodated a power distribution panel containing 23 lines in a limited space by custom-engineering details such as the shape of the panel and the cable lead-in openings.

  • 線路への送電設備
  • 制御盤

Integrated proposal for data centers' energy management

Providing essential electrical equipment and services for data centers

Fuji Electric offers a wide range of electrical equipment that is indispensable for data centers, from extra high voltage to low voltage, with a focus on the substation equipment. Another feature of our capabilities is that almost all of our power supply systems, such as high-efficiency, large-capacity UPS systems and emergency generators, are engineered and manufactured in-house. We also provide installation work, maintenance, and services, and all of these contribute to a stable supply of electric power and energy savings for the equipment.

  • データセンターイメージ
  • 7000HX
  • 建物イメージ

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