Download: D&C catalog
(comprehensive catalog)

D&C "Distribution & Control Catalog"
[Digest 20th Edition]

01.Magnetic Contactors and Starters---all

02.DUO series, MMS and Contactors---all

03.Industrial Relays, Industrial Control Relays, Time Delay Relays---all

04.Command Series, Multi Display Lights, Rotary Switches, Cam Type, Panel Switches, Terminal Blocks---all

05.Limit Switches, Proximity Switches, Photoelectric Switches---all

06.Molded Case Circuit Breakers---all

07.Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers, Earth Leakage Protective Relays---all

08.Circuit Protectors, Low Voltage Fuses---all

09.Switchboard Instruments, Panel Instruments, Transducers,
Arresters, Instrument Transformers, Power Factor controllers, Power Monitoring Equipment---all

10.AC Power Regulator, Noise Suppression Filters, Control Power Transformers---all

11.HV Disconnecting Switches,Power Fuses, Air Load Break Switches, Instrument Transformers

12.HV Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Vacuum Magnetic Contactors, Protective Relays