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Inductive proximity switches Slot type:PE-U series

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Best suited for detection of magnetic metal plates passing through the slot.

•Operating distance: 7mm and 10mm
•Operating voltage range: 10 to 30V DC
•Suitable for detecting of ferromagnetic materials

PE-U series image
IEC 60947-5-2
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Design features

  • The slot type detecting surfaces of 12 and 25mm are available.
    Stable detection characteristics can be obtained when a metal plate passes through the slot ON or OFF-center.
  • Provided with built-in reverse polarity and surge voltage protection circuits.
  • LED indicator lamps are provided, thus facilitating operational checks.
  • Degree of protection meets the requirement of IP67 (IEC), thus permitting operation in unfavorable environments.
  • NPN transistor voltage/current outputs are provided, thus permitting a wide range of applications.


PE-U series PE-U12D

Dimensions PE-U12D

PE-U series PE-U25NT

Dimensions PE-U25NT

PE-U series PE-U12D

WiringDiagrams PE-U12D

PE-U series PE-U25NT

WiringDiagrams PE-U25NT

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