Pushbuttons, Pilot lights:AM22/DM 22 series

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Added a front tightening nut system model to the Φ22 series.

The full range of the contact blocks and transformer units suitable for the AR22 and DR22 series may also be fitted to the AM22 and DM22 series. Easy to add or replace name plate and etc., by front tightening nut system. Safer model with metal nut is also available.
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CSA C22.2 No.14
TÜV: EN60947-5-1,EN60947-5-5(Emergency stop psuhbutton)
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Quick-replacement contact blocks and transformer units

The snap-on construction makes replacement and addition of contact blocks and transformer units very simple and straightforward.

Oil-and dust-proof operator module construction

The protection level of the AM22/DM22 operator modules conforms to IEC Standard IP65. The special seals protect the operator modules and switch mechanisms against oil, dust, and grime, thus ensuring high performance in dusty and moist environments.


  • Pushbutton and selector switches with1NO+1NC: 40mm deep
    Pilot lights: 35mm deep
  • The transformer now occupies far less space.

Self-cleaning contacts

All the contacts are double break type and feature self-cleaning action.
Every time the switch is operated, the contact surfaces are wiped with asliding movement, thus ensuring high contact reliability even at low voltage and small current levels (5V, 5mA).

Metal nut

Safer model with metal nut is also available


  • Wiring from two directions is possible.
  • Wiring in both vertical and lateral directions facilitates wiring in narrow spaces.
  • Color coding of contact blocks makes wiring easy.
    1NO: Blue, 1NC: Red
    Lamp terminal and transformer unit: Black


  • A terminal cover is provided, assuring safety and security.
  • FUJI’s original Trigger Action mechanism is used in the emergency stop pushbuttons. They are suitablefor emergency stop and safety. This mechanism prevents the contacts from moving until the button is pushed and locked.


  • Excellent oil-tight construction (IP65) of the operator.
  • Closure of the contact block has been improved.

Specifications (Indoor use)

Mechanical durability

Contact ratings

Illuminated pushbutton switches Flush/Extended AM22F0L, F5L, E0L, E5L

Dimensions Pushbutton switches Flush/Extended

Pushbutton switches AM22F0R, F5R, E0R, E5R

Dimensions Pushbutton switches Flush/Extended

Emergency stop pushbutton switches AM22V0E

Dimensions AR16G0N, AR16G5N

Emergency stop illuminated pushbutton switches AM22V0F

Dimensions Emergency stop pushbutton switches

Selector switches AM22PR, PCR

Dimensions Emergency stop illuminated pushbutton switches

Illuminated selector switches AM22PL

Dimensions Illuminated selector switches

Pilot lights DM22D0L

Dimensions Pilot lights

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