Flicker relays:
JH series

JH series
JH series provides flicker-operation-type relays for AC/DC common use.
The JH Series relays operate at an intermittent cycle of 600 ms. Combining them with the RV Series annunciator relays expands the variation of failure display.
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Design features

  • The electromagnetic relays of an intermittent operation (flicker operation) type for use with both AC and DC allow cyclic flashing of the illuminated bus, illuminated indicators, signal lamps, fault indication lamps, etc. to serve as operation relays that notify supervisors of any control/fault status of the control/protection system. The Series has a wide range of applications including flickering elements of a status indication device or alarm for overinput, overload, speed, position, temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc., and operating elements of general indicator devices for position and direction.
  • Compact and lightweight
    The compact and lightweight housing measures only 36 x 60 x 68.2 cm and is in the same shape as Fuji’s RV and ADA1P type of annunciator relays.
  • Fuji’s HH62P-type of power relay with its long life expectancy and high-reliability is used as an output contact, realizing long life expectancy and high reliability.
  • 2000 V high dielectric strength High dielectric strength property of 2000 V AC for 1 minute is provided.
  • Common input rating (quadruple rating) All of 100 to 110 V AC/DC and 200 to 220 V AC/DC at 50 and 60 Hz inputs are accommodated. (The 24 V and 48 V types have a single rating.)

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