Motor Control

Motor Control
Manual motor starters (MMS) :
DUO series

Manual motor starters (MMS) : DUO series
The ability to configure combination starters for compact, reliable motor protection by combining a manual motor starter and a magnetic contactor.
  • The combination starter protects the motor from short-circuitand overcurrent accidents in the three-phase motor circuit within a range between 15kW at 240V AC and 22kW at 415VAC, up to a current level of 50A.
  • The manual motor starter provides overload, phase-loss, and short-circuit protections for the motor circuit, and incorporates a dial for flexible adjustment to match the total load current of the motor.
  • The magnetic contactor allows remote ON/OFF operation of the motor circuit with high frequency, and features a electrical durability of one million operations.
  • The manual motor starter and magnetic contactor are connected via link module and mounted to a base plate.
IEC 60947-1,
UL 508,
CSA C22.2 No.14
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Design features

  • Eight types available in two different frame sizes-32AF for the 45mm width and 63AF for the 55mm width
  • A wide motor capacity range up to 30kW (400/415V AC, 63A)
  • High breaking capacity Standard breaking capacity: 25, 50, 100kA 400V AC
    High breaking capacity: 50, 100kA 400V AC
  • Adjustable thermal-magnetic trip types
    32AF: BM3RSB and BM3RHB
    63AF: BM3VSB and BM3VHB
  • Instantaneous trip types
    32AF: BM3RSBK and BM3RHBK
    63AF: BM3VSBK and BM3VHBK
  • Common accessories to reduce inventory
  • Short-circuit protective coordination
    IEC 60947-4-1 Type1, 2
  • Standards IEC 60947-1, 60947-2, 60947-4-1, UL 508,CSA C22.2 No.14
  • Ecological design
    Recyclable thermoplastic resin used in plastic parts
    Indication of materials used
    Cadmium-free contacts
  • Both rocker and rotary handle
  • ON/OFF and trip state indication for all frames

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