MV Distribution

MV Distribution
Current limiting power fuses:
E,SCF,JC series

E,SCF,JC series
The fuse can be used independently or incorporated with switches that are not provided with a tripping device, from back-up fuses to current limiting fuses which can interrupt all current ranges.
FUJI current limiting power fuses are available in general purpose and back-up versions. Type SCF and HF ··· E general purpose fuses will interrupt all excessive current ranging from the minimum melting current to the rated interrupting current. They will accurately interrupt a 200 – 300% overcurrent of the rated current. The fuse can be used independently or incorporated with air load break switches not provided with trip mechanisms. Very economical to install. The back-up fuses are rated at 12kV or higher and used with switches provided with trip mechanisms incorporated with CT or OCR.
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  • These fuses comply with the requirements of JEC-2330. The FUJI power fuses fully meet the requirements of the JIS and JEC Standards, which makes them suitable for a wider range of applications.
  • Excellent repeat accuracies
    FUJI current limiting power fuses have excellent repeat characteristics from the starting current and meet all the requirements of the Standards. This result from the employment of FUJI's specially developed fusible element which maintains its integrity from deterioration for the extent of its long service life.
  • Easy selection
    The electrical characteristics of the individual transformer, capacitor or motor can easily be matched with the appropriate type from the wide variety of fuses available.
  • Outstanding current limiting characteristics
    Since the available short-circuit current is interrupted within half a cycle the thermal and mechanical strength of the equipment can be greatly reduced.
  • Small arc peak voltage
    The arc peak voltage at the time of interruption is less than twice the rated voltage. This eliminates the possibility of damage to the insulation of the motor winding and other electrical equipment.
  • Wide range interruption
    The general purpose power fuses SCF and HF ··· E types are capable of interrupting small current overloads in the range of 200% – 300% of their rated current, yet will blow quickly in the face of massive destructive currents. Since they operate without fail through the range of their interrupting capacity they can be used independently and so save construction costs.

Power fuses JC-6/5 to JC-6/100

  • LBS switches require fuses and these are sold separately.
    Power fuses are selected to meet the load requirements and prices differ according to the ampere ratings. It is therefore necessary to specify the fuse rating when LBS switches are ordered. The fuses are shipped in cartons holding a set of three pieces.
    The following table lists fuse ratings for general use.

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