Energy Control Equipment

Energy Control Equipment
Power monitoring unit:
F-MPC Web series

F-MPC Web series
An economical unit for connecting the F-MPC series unit to the Ethernet
The F-MPC Web unit is a device that connects the FUJI F-MPC series energy monitoring unit to Ethernet. The F-MPC Web unit makes it possible to construct an energy monitoring system over an Ethernet LAN for OA equipment and PCs.
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Feature of F-MPC Web unit

■ Enables Ethernet communications.
- Auto negotiation for 10BASE-T/100BASE-T.
- Transmits electric power monitoring data over Ethernet.
■ Communicates with FUJI electric power monitoring equipment.
- Communicates with FUJI energy monitoring unit via RS-485.
■ Web server function
- Allows settings to be made using a standard browser window.
■ Data accumulation function
- Accumulates 40 days' worth of daily reports and 13 months' worth of monthly reports.
- Transmits accumulated data in CSV file format to host devices.
■ Compact size with a depth of 60 mm
- 100 x 80 x 56 mm (W x H x D).
- DIN rail or M4 screw mounting.
■ Wide power supply range
- Control power supply voltage of 100 to 240V AC.

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