Annunciator relay:
RV series

RV series
RV series provides general-purpose annunciator relays capable of forming even complex system for the signs of defect indication at a low cost.
Various alarm display patterns can be accommodated by using the extensive product lineup and combining them with JH13PN-type flicker relays.
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Design features

  • Wide variety of display patterns
  • Compact design
  • Surge absorber provided
    The operating coil is equipped with a surge absorber to suppress surges from the annunciator relay.
    Accordingly, high-sensitivity relays or semiconductors prone to malfunction or damage due to surge voltage can be safely connected to the annunciator circuit.
  • High dielectric strength
    High dielectric strength property of 2000 VAC for 1 minute is provided.
  • Different electric potentials allowed for operation and output
    The operating and output circuits have been completely separated, which allows them to be used at different electric potentials.
  • Auxiliary contact provided for entire product category
    Auxiliary contacts have been added to each type and the terminal nos. standardized for the operating, output and auxiliary terminals for improved ease of use.
  • High reliability and long life expectancy
    The relays used are the time-tested HH54B-type, accommodating different electric potentials and offering high reliability and long life expectancy.

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