LV Distribution

LV Distribution
Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers:
DW series

Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers: DW series
Full-featured & compact ACB.
Ideal for protecting and measuring the power receiving and distribution circuit.
  • 2 sizes and 11 types from 800 AF to 6300 AF of frames are covered.
  • High breaking-capacity (DW08-DW40: 440 V/65 kA: H1 type, 440 V/100 kA: H2 type; DW40b-DW63: 440 V/100 kA: H1 type, 440 V/150 kA: H2 type). Ideal for factory and equipment of large estimated short-circuit capacity.
  • Compliant with international standards.
    - IEC60947-21
  • Abundant main circuit terminal connection systems are available.
  • Intelligent control unit
    - Large repertoire is provided from basic type only with over current protection function to enhanced type with measurement and programmable function.
    - The combination with various measuring functions, such as an ammeter, watt-hour meter, harmonic meter as well as with long time delay, short time delay, instantaneous delay, ground fault, and electric leakage is possible.
    - The parameter measurement & operation, data storage, log event recording, alarm output, and communication are possible.
    - The navigation button and LCD display are provided for easy operation.
IEC 60947-2
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