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Inductive proximity switches Square type:
PE-B series

PE-B series
Square type for easy set-up
Wide product range from a super compact type of 4mm operating distance to a 50 mm long distance model
• 4mm to 50mm operating distance
• Types with operating distance exceeding 20mm conform to theCENELEC Standard.
• Operating voltage range:80 to 250V AC or 10 to 30V DC
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Design features

  • Operating distance from 4mm to50mm permits a variety of applications.
  • LED’s for operating indication lamp are provided for all types thus facilitating operation checks.
  • Ones with an operating distance of over 20mm meet the requirements of the CENELEC Standards.
  • Wide operating voltage range.
    Operating range of supply voltage is from 80 to 250V AC or from 10 to 30VDC.
  • Provided with built-in reverse polarityand surge voltage protection circuits.
  • PNP output types are also available thus permitting application tomachine tools in Europe.

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