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Vacuum magnetic contactors: HN series

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Answers various clients' needs such as installation method, operating voltage, or other. AC/DC compatible, equipped with IC tip in the operating circuit to ensure further reliability in operation.

HN-type vacuum magnetic contactors incorporate a SUPER MAGNET that has a built-in IC. The IC minimizes the power consumption used in the closing circuit. HN types vacuum magnetic contactors operate on both AC and DC power supplies. A common insulating frame for units with a rated voltage of 3kV and 6kV simplifies switchgear design.

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  • Holding currents are minimized with an IC-controlled closing circuit. This is a cost-effective feature.
  • Both AC and DC power supply operation possible.
  • The SUPER MAGNET holds without chattering even when the line control voltage drops.
  • The SUPER MAGNET's wide range of operating voltages allows it to be used in countries throughout the world.

Shared insulating frame for 3kV and6kV contactors

  • HN type vacuum magnetic contactors have a special insulating frame. The dimensions of the frame are the same for both 3kV and 6kV models, which facilitates switchgear design.

Advanced vacuum interrupter

  • A high performance interrupter minimizes surges due to closing and breaking, which makes special surge precautions unnecessary.


Fixed type, P type

Dimensions Fixed type, P type

Draw-out type, X type

Dimensions Draw-out type, X type

Draw-out type, Y and H types

Dimensions Draw-out type, Y and H types

Draw-out type (with BCT), Y and H types

Dimensions Draw-out type (with BCT), Y and H types

Normal energized type

Wiring diagrams Normal energized type

Mechanically-latched type

Wiring diagrams Mechanically-latched type

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