Energy Control Equipment

Energy Control Equipment
Mult-circuit power monitoring units:
F-MPC04P series

F-MPC04P series
Digital multifunctional meter combines all the necessary measuring functions for power monitoring. Capable of multi-circuit measurement by itself.
Integrating necessary measuring functions for energy monitoring into one unit.
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F-MPC04P features

  • A single unit measures multiple circuits
    A single UM02 can measure up to 8 feeders in 3-phase 3-wire,12 feeders in single-phase 2-wires and up to 4 feeders in 3-phase 4-wire circuit.
  • Easy installation into existing switchboards
    Compact UM02 can be easily installed into on-site powerdistribution or lighting panel, irrespective of new panel orexisting panel, to create power monitoring systemeconomically.
  • On-site measuring instrument
    UM02 can be used an on-site measuring instrument by combining with an optional display and setting unit UM02X-S.
  • Communication interface
    As UM02 has an RS-485 communications interface as standard, it can communicate with other power monitoringequipment with RS-485.

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