LV Distribution

LV Distribution
General-purpose molded:
BX series

General-purpose molded: BX series
Full-featured & compact MCCB.
Ideal for protecting and measuring the power receiving and distribution circuit.
  • 3 sizes and 9 frames of MCCB can cover currents rated from 100 A to 1600 A.
  • Compliant with international standards.IEC60947-2, EN60947-2, JISC8201-2-1
  • Improved breaking performance because Ics (rated service short-circuit breaking capacity) is the same as Icu (rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity).
  • Control unit & display unit
    - Abundant lineups are provided from basic type only with over current protection function to enhanced type with power quality control.
    - The combination with various measuring functions, such as an ammeter, watthour meter, harmonic meter as well as with long time delay, short time delay, and instantaneous delay is possible.
    - The parameter measurement & operation, data storage, log event recording, alarm output, and communication functions are possible.
  • Internal accessories of various rating are prepared.(auxiliary/alarm switch, voltage/under voltage trip, etc.)
  • The compact external operating handle and electric control device are also prepared. Possible to change the setting of control unit while attaching a handle.
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Safety and performance

Compactness, discrimination and modularity – new circuit breakers incorporate advanced monitoring and communication functions, from 40 amps up, combined with impeccable protection.

* Expert technology
A roto-active contact breaking principle provides each circuit breaker with very high breaking capacity in a very small device, remarkable fault current limitation performance, and endurance.
- BX benefits from a patented double roto-active contact breaking concept, together with a reflex tripping system for ultimate breaking.
- Exceptional fault current limitation guarantees robust, reliable protection and, above all, reduces the causes of component aging, thus extending service life for installations.

* New breaking capacities
New performance levels for BX improve application targeting:
- 50 kA – standard applications (industrial plants, buildings and hospitals),
- 70 kA – high performance at controlled cost.

* Reduced installation costs
Optimising installations allows for achieving up to 30 % savings:}
- considerable savings at the time of installation, thanks to total discrimination with miniature circuit breakers,
- smaller devices, more economic switchboards mean best overall installation cost, without overcalibration.

Monitoring and management

BX is a single device, which contains a monitoring unit to control energy consumption and power.

Integrated monitoring
* The BX range incorporates electronic trip units in the circuit breaker, offering both:
- an accurate power monitoring unit,
- a highly reliable protective device.
* A electronic tripping device combines next-generation sensors:
- an "iron" sensor for the power supply to the electronics,
- an "air" sensor (Rogowski coils) for measurement, guaranteeing high accuracy.
* These electronic systems are designed to withstand high temperatures (105°C), ensuring reliability under severe operating conditions.
* The originality lies in how measures, processes and displays data, either directly on screen, on the switchboard front panel, or via a monitoring system.

Accessibility of information…
To keep costs under control and ensure service continuity, relevant information must be available in real time:
* a kilowatt-hour meter helps optimise costs and their allocation,
* harmonic distortion rate shows the quality of electrical supply, * alarm notification secures operational control and maintenance planning,
* event logs and tables, activated continuously, ensure the installed equipment base operates correctly, so energy efficiency is maximized.


BX takes the principles of easy installation and use –which made its predecessor so successful – to a higher level.

* Simple in design
Cut-outs are the same whatever the type of handle. Engineering drawings are the same, so installation and connection layouts can be used on new projects, simplifying extensions or retrofits, and reducing maintenance costs.
Integration in help software, for parameter settings and switchboard installation, further eases design.

*Simple to install

*Simple to use

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