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Ideal for control circuits of all types of control panels, or protection of your equipment.

The CP31 and CP32 have a similar functions to a molded case circuit breaker and they can be used for normal switching ON and OFFoperations while breaking bothoverload and short-circuit currents.
They are available in two time - current versions — an instantaneous and a time-delay version.
A suitable type should be selected to match the thermal and permissible current requirements.
These are recommended for sequential control circuits, motor control circuits, solenoid-operated valves, heaters and solid - state applications.

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  • Excellent arc interruption. Since the arc extinguisher uses a loop blow-out system, the arc is rapidly extinguished.
  • Highly visible handle indication. "ON" shows red and "OFF" or "TRIP" blue.
  • When positioned at "ON", the operating handle is completely housed insidethe molded case and does not protrude. This helps to prevent erroneous operation.
  • Trip-free mechanism
  • Also available with auxiliary switch SPDT.
  • Two time-current versions—instantaneous operation and a time-delay type. Select the model best suits your protection needs.
  • CP31D and CP32D types are of front and rail dual mounting.


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