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Disconnecting switches: V series,RF series

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Reliable disconnecting switches that have been chosen by customers for a long time. Small, light, and easy-to-operate. It is easy to mount them on cubicles.

FUJI high voltage disconnecting switches comprise the V and RF types.
The small size and lightness of the V type disconnecting switches make them highly suitable for cubicle use.
They make use of FUJI's specially designed coil spring, a line-contact and ball contact (RF type) system which gives them a high efficient operation without overheating.
V type disconnecting switches are not provided with latches but their design will not permit them to be opened by magnetic force. Switches provided with latches can also be supplied upon request.

V and RF-type image
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  • 7.2/12/24/36kV, 200 Amps to 4000 Amps
  • Withstand large momentary current flow
  • Excellent contact performance
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Stick-operated/gang-operated/motor operated types


V-2, 4

Dimensions V-2, 4


Dimensions V-6


Dimensions V-12

RF240cI/20, 30/600 (F-F)

Dimensions RF240cI/20, 30/600 (F-F)

RF240cI/20, 30/1200 (F-F)

Dimensions RF240cI/20, 30/1200 (F-F)

RF240cI/6 – 30/2000 (F-F)

Dimensions RF240cI/6 – 30/2000 (F-F)

RF240cI/6, 20/4000 (F-F)

Dimensions RF240cI/6, 20/4000 (F-F)

Gang-operating — V3 type
V3-2, V3-4

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, V3-2, V3-4

Gang-operating — V3 type

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, V3-6

Gang-operating — V3 type

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, V3-12

Gang-operating — V3 type

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, V3-20/600

Gang-operating — V3 type

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, V3-20/1200

Gang-operating — V3 type
RF240cIII/30/600 (F-F)

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, RF240cIII/30/600 (F-F)

Gang-operating — V3 type
RF240cIII/20, 30/1200 (F-F)

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, RF240cIII/20, 30/1200 (F-F)

Gang-operating — V3 type
RF240cIII/6 – 30/2000 (F-F)

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, RF240cIII/6 – 30/2000 (F-F)

Gang-operating — V3 type
RF240cIII/6, 20/4000 (F-F)

Dimensions Gang-operating — V3 type, RF240cIII/6, 20/4000 (F-F)

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