Energy Control Equipment

Energy Control Equipment
Single-circuit power monitoring units:
F-MPC04E series

Types and ratings

General specifications

Item Specifications
Ratings Voltage AC100~240V(Allowable operational voltage range: AC85~264V)
[measuring and control power supply share input terminals control power supply is among U-V terminals]
Frequency 50/60Hz(Allowable range: 47.5~63Hz)
(CT primary / secondary)
Power supply Burden VA
Inrush current
Insulation resistance Between electric circuits and ground(Housing: DIN rail) 10MΩmin.
Between I/O circuits and ground 10MΩmin.
Electric circuits and I/O circuits 5MΩmin.
Vibration resistance 10 to 58Hz: single amplitude of 0.075mm, 58 to 150Hz, constant acceleration of 10m/s2 8minutes ×10cycles in each of X, Y, and Z directions
with retainers
Shock resistance Half-sine 294m/s2, 11ms, 3 times in each of X, Y, and Z directions (with retainers)
Withstand voltage Between terminals and ground(Housing: DIN rail) AC2,000V 1min.
Electric circuits and I/O circuits  AC2,000V 1min.
Noise immunity Damped oscillatory wave 1~1.5MHz  Peak voltage damped oscillatory wave form(2s) of 2.5~3kV
Judgment criterion B Square wave 1ns×1μs 1.5kV of square wave noise for 10 min continuously.
Radiation field 20V/m(*1)
Electrostatic discharge  Aerial discharge: 8kV, Contact discharge(Housing): 4kV
Burst Control power supply: 2kV, CT input: (clamping) 2kV,
I/O(clamping): 1kV
Overload resistance CT circuits 110% of maximum setting value (125% of rated current), 2 hours
VT circuits 110% of max. setting value, 2 hours 
Operating ambient temperature -10~55℃
Storage temperature -20~70℃
Humidity 20~90%RH(No condensation)
Atmosphere No corrosive gas and no heavy dirt and dust
Permissible momentary power failure 20ms(Connection and measurement are interrupted)
Mass [Measuring unit] Aprox.120g(without CT)
[Display] Aprox.70g(without connection cable)

(*1)Under strong radiation circumstance, power monitoring unit may temporary stop operation.

Measurement specifications

Item Measuring range Accuracy
Voltage 3phase(line-voltage)(*2)
85~264V Vuv,Vvw: ±1.0%FS Vwu: ±2.5%FS
Current 3 phase current(*2)
0.4~125% of rated current
(50A CT:0.4~100%、100A CT:0.4~120%)
Is: ±2.5%FS
Active power
Inverse electric power flow is minus Depends on CT/VT measuring range
Reactive power
Active electric energy for forward or reverse flow
Display:6digits Equivalent to ordinary class specified in JIS
F-MPC-Net protocol:4 digits 2.0% at power factor of 1.0
between 5 to 120% of rated current
MODBUS protocol:9digits 2.5% at power factor of 0.5 between 10 to 120%
Power factor (Reactive volt-ampere meter method) 0~±1.000 ±3.0%FS
(The "90°" phase angle conversion)

(*1)Accuracy performance excludes the errors in the external CT and VT.
(*2) Automatically judge whether 3-phase 3-wire system, single-phase 3-wire, or single-phase 2-wire for measurement. In case of single-phase 2-wire, Vvw, Vwu, Is, It will be zero.
(*3) Active power, reactive power and active electric energy are measured among the ranges of voltage 85-264V and current 0.4-125%.

(2)Measurement in a fixed-duration

Item Display Network Accuracy Memo
Voltage Fixed-term max. voltage (Vuv,Vvw)
Fixed-term average voltage (Vuv,Vvw)
Fixed-term min. voltage (Vuv,Vvw)
× ±2.5%FS
(without VT error)
The maximum/minimum values are those of RMS values within a cycle at commercial frequency. During a term (1 min.), holds the maximum/average/minimum values from a previous term.
Current Fixed-term max. current(Ir,It)
Fixed-term average current(Ir,It)
Fixed-term min. current(Ir,It)
× ±2.5%FS
(without CT error)

(*1)Respond value by minute via network. (Not in a display)

Communications specifications

Item Specifications
Standard EIA-485
Transmission method Half duplex, 2-wire
Data exchange method 1:N(Power monitoring unit) polling/selecting
Synch system Start-stop synchronization
Transmission distance 1,000m(total length)
Number of stations 64 max (*1) per system(including master)
Transmission speed 4,800/9,600/19,200/38,400 bps (selectable)
Address setting 1~99(*2)(MODBUS/RTU protocol 1~99)
Connection method Terminal block
RS-485 terminal names DXA、DXB Connect DXA as D1(+) and DXB as D0(-).
Transmitted characters ASCII Binary
Data format Start bits 1 bit (fixed) 1 bit (fixed)
Data length 7 or 8 bits (selectable) 8 bit (fixed)
Parity bit None, even, or odd (selectable) None, even, or odd (selectable)
Stop bits 1 bit(fixed) No parity: 2 bits (fixed)
Others: 1 bit (fixed)
BCC Even vertical parity CRC-16

Factory default: F-MPC-Net protocols, transmission speed at 19,200bps, data length: 7bit,
(To modify the factory setting, the optional indicator [Type: UM05X-S] is required.)

(*1)When a device with 32 stations is connected, its connection is counted as 2 devices, and the maximum number of connectable stations will decrease.
(*2)Addresses are set with a rotary switch.
In either MODBUS or RTU, please set the monitoring unit address within the range of 1-99.
If you set the address at "00", the network will be invalid.

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