Pushbuttons, Pilot lights for printed board:
AH16P, AH16P-2 and AH22P Series

Types and ratings

Ratings/specifications (indoor use)

Contact rating

Conventional free air
thermal current
(rated thermal current)
Ith [A]
AC DC Notes
Rated operational voltage [V] Rated operational current [A] Rated operational voltage [V] Rated operational current [A]
AC-13 (inductive load) AC12 (resistive load) AC-13 (inductive load) AC12 (resistive load)
5 110 10 1.5 24 0.7* 1.0 NECA C4521 (2002) is employed as testing
criteria for rated operational current
220 0.7 1.0 110 0.15* 0.2


Item AH16P, AH16P-2, AH22P types
Rated insulation voltage AC/DC250V
Ambient temperature (inside the panel) -10 to +70°C (with pilot light, -10 to +55°C, key taype; -10 to +60℃) with no condensation or icing
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ or more
Dielectric withstanding
(between live section and ground) 2000 V AC, 1 minute
(between different electrodes live sections) 1500 V AC, 1 minute (between lamp and contact terminals)
Vibration Resonance test: 10-55 Hz, double amplitude 0.1 mm
Constant vibration durability test: 16.7 Hz, double amplitude 3 mm
Shock Malfunction: 100 m/s2, Durability: 500 m/s2
Relative humidity 45 to 85% RH (at -5 to +40℃), with no condensation or icing
Durability Mechanical 1 million (pushbutton switch)
250,000 (alternate pushbutton switch, lever-type, ring-type, selector switch)
100,000 (push-lock type)
Key insertion/removal (10,000+)
Electrical 100,000 (AC220V 0.7A)
Switching frequency 1200 operations/hour (40% capacity)
Protective structure IP65 (dust-proof, jet-proof)
Terminal Printed board terminal

Current or voltage consumption of the lamp

Rated operational voltage [V] Current or voltage consumption
<high brightness LED illuminated model “PIKARI-KUN”>
Incandescent lamp
5 7mA(Y;28mA) 0.45W(6V)
6 7mA(Y;28mA) -
12 7mA 0.55W(14V)
24 7mA 0.55W(28V)

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