Technical Documents for IGBT Modules for EV, HEV

This page lists technical documents for the IGBT Modules for EV, HEV.

Type Name Title Document No. PDF
Publication date
6MBI800XV-075V-01 Switching energy and Reverse recovery dv/dt with combination of Rg and Cge MT5F36500a 307KB Aug. 2018
-Vge and switching loss characteristics MT5F36501a 271KB Aug. 2018
Gate resistance dependence of surge voltage MT5F36665 362KB Dec. 2017
-dlcdt at turn-off and Tj,RG characteristics MT5F36666 380KB Dec. 2017
Dynamic avalanche voltage Vav and Tvj characteristics MT5F36667 36KB Dec. 2017
Safe operating area MT5F36987 32KB Feb. 2018
Parallel connection of IGBT modules MT5F37310 438KB Mar. 2018
Short Circuit Capability MT5F37505 268KB Apr. 2018
Collector current and VGE, Tvj characteristics MT5F37613 388KB May. 2018
ΔTvj power cycling lifetime curve MT5F37584 183KB May. 2018
Calculation of power cycling lifetime when there are multiple different temperature rise peaks MT5F37586 548KB May. 2018