Announcement of Discontinuation of Discrete Products (Discontinued Production)

This page provides announcements on the discontinuation of discrete products (discontinued production).

Products Subject to Discontinuation

Bipolar transistors
Please refer to the below list for model types in the subject.


By the end of December 2013 : Order deadline for products in the subject
March 2014 : The last production of products in the subject

List of Subjected Model type

Model types Subject to Discontinuation
 2SC2440 2SD1049 ET126
2SC2542 2SD1072 ET170
2SC2625 2SD1118 ET190
2SC2626 2SD1128 ET206
2SC2656 2SD1157 ET383
2SC2767 2SD1158 ET391
2SC2768 2SD1740 ET454
2SC2769 2SD2047 ETO1210
2SC2929 2SD2541  
2SC2944 2SD2588  
2SC3030 2SD833  
2SC3551 2SD834  
2SC4276 2SD835  
2SC4419 2SD847  
2SC4510 2SD916  
2SC4538 2SD921  
2SC4786 2SD923  
2SC4795 2SD982