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IGBT/SiC Devices Selection Guide

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Power Supply Control IC Selection Guide

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7th Generation X Series Dual XT Module (RC-IGBT)

( PDF 677KB )


7th Generation X Series PrimePACK™

( PDF 556KB )


7th-Generation X Series IPM

( PDF 1,131KB )


7th Generation IGBT Module X Series

( PDF 430KB )


3rd Generation Small IPM X series

( PDF 785KB )


2nd Generation Small IPM X series

( PDF 441KB )


Discrete IGBT XS series

( PDF 492KB )


2nd Generation SiC Schottky Barrier Diode

( PDF 687KB )


SiC-SBD Equipped Hybrid SiC Module

( PDF 598KB )


Green-mode PWM Control IC FA8C71N

( PDF 429KB )

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LLC Current Resonant Control IC FA6C60N series

( PDF 3.0MB )


CRM PFC control IC and LLC current resonant control IC for high power factor and low THD power supplies FA1B10N/FA6C64N

( PDF 392KB )


CRM PFC Control IC / LLC Current Resonant Control IC for High Efficiency Power Supplies FA1A60N/FA6B20N

( PDF 168KB )


Low Standby Power PWM Control IC FA8A80/90 Series

( PDF 216KB )