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Here you will find videos related to semiconductors.


7th-generation X Series IGBT modules

・Product types: 7th-generation X Series IGBT modules
・Video time: 3 mins 11 secs

We have released the 7th-generation “X-Series” as a lineup of IGBT modules that enhances the energy savings, downsizing, and reliability strongly required of industrial machinery and other facilities and equipment.

Power Supply Control ICs

Power Factor Correction Control IC FA1B00N

・Product types: Power Factor Correction Control IC FA1B00N
・Video time: 3 mins 8 secs

The FA1B00N is a critical mode power factor correction control IC that complies with harmonics regulations and integrates various functions in an 8-pin SOP package, enabling it to contribute to smaller and more efficient power supplies.


2nd-Generation Small IPM

・Product types: 2nd-Generation Small IPM
・Video time: 2 mins 35 secs

Applying the 7th generation X series IGBT chip technology to the new IPMs leads to a significant reduction of losses.


Discrete IGBT XS Series

・Product types: Discrete IGBT XS Series
・Video time: 2 mins 26 secs

The technologies cultivated in our latest 7th-generation IGBT modules contribute to industrial equipment energy savings and miniaturization.