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Small IPM X Series Common

This page lists technical documents for the Small IPM X Series Common.

Rated current Title Document No. PDF size Publication date
common ΔTvj Power cycling lifetime curve MT6M14324 0.9MB Apr. 2023
650V 15, 20, 30, 35A Short circuit capability and SCSOA MT6M16806 0.4MB May. 2023
650V 50, 75A Short circuit capability and SCSOA MT6M16544 0.3MB May. 2023
600V 15, 20, 30, 35A Consumption current of control supply circuit vs. carrier frequency MT6M14323 0.5MB Feb. 2018
Bootstrap Diode (BSD) built-in current limiting resistance characteristics MT6M14329 0.3MB Feb. 2018
Allowable output current vs. carrier frequency (simulation value) MT6M14330 0.5MB Feb. 2018
Short circuit capability and SCSOA MT6M14321 0.5MB May. 2023