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Green Procurement (Request for Management of Contained Chemical Substances)

Fuji Electric believes in the necessity of creating a sustainable society based on resource recycling, and we are promoting business activities that reduce environmental burdens, which include the development of products and technologies that contribute to environmental protection, as well as those that reduce the environmental burden in the life cycle of products. In order to achieve this, it is absolutely essential to procure materials that are environmentally friendly, so we are actively engaged in promoting green procurement.

Fuji Electric Electronic Devices Business Group have published and revised the "Guidelines for Chemical Substances Contained in Products: Semiconductor products" to achieve the goal together with our business partners.(The Power Semiconductors Division of this business group have currently prioritized these guidelines over the "Fuji Electric Green Procurement Guidelines".)

We appreciate our business partners for good understanding and cooperation toward our management of contained chemical substances, and we request compliance with the contents of the latest relevant documents listed below.

Documents related to the Management of Contained Chemical Substances

Please use the below links to download the documents.

Policy regarding chemical substances contained in products

Document describing compliance matters of business partners
Version 13(revised Jan. 2023)

Prohibition management substance list

List of substances for which request is made regarding the prohibition and management of substances in supplied goods
Version 13.1(revised Jun. 2023)

Written guarantee related to prohibited substances

Document requesting guarantees regarding prohibited substances
Version 13(revised Jan. 2023)

Structure information list

Document requesting report of component information of supplied goods
Version 13.1(revised Jun. 2023)

REACH SVHC contents inspection table

Document requesting investigation and report of supplied goods containing SVHC
235substances (revised Jun. 2023)

Enviromental quality assurance system check sheet

Document requesting confirmation and report of the management situations of business partners
Version 2.1 (revised Jul. 2020)

RoHS(halgen-free)analysis report
Please submit each homogeneous material of supplied goods.
Our request documents for business partners
Documents requesting submission from our business partners
Materials requesting submission from our business partners