Financial Information

Results Summary

Results summary for the most recent financial results

Operating Results

Net sales, ratio of operating income (loss) to net sales

Financial Indicators

Total assets, ROA, shareholder’s equity and ROE

Per Share Data

Net income per share, dividends and dividend payout ratio

Business Segments Information

Business performance by segment

Net Sales by Region

Japan and overseas net sales and composition of overseas sales

R&D Expenditures / Plant and Equipment Investment / Depreciation and Lease Expense

R&D expenditures, plant and equipment investment, depreciation and lease expense, number of employees and consolidated subsidiaries

Income Statement / Statement of Comprehensive Income

Consolidated statements of income and consolidated statements of comprehensive income

Balance Sheets

Consolidated balance sheets

Cash Flows

Consolidated statements of cash flows

Quarterly Financial Results

Quarterly consolidated summary, net sales and operating income (loss) by segment


Financial result forecast

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