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IGBT 1-Pack

The 1-Pack is a single element product that is appropriate for large capacity power converters.
There are two types of standard packages: aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride used on an insulating DCB substrate.
Power semiconductors for electric railroads and electric power systems are required to be highly reliable and high-power modules are appropriate.
These have high heat cycle tolerance and power cycle tolerance, while also ensuring a tracking performance CTI greater than 600.

Series List

1-Pack V series 1200 V, 1700 V Class

Package Ic 1200V 1700V
V series V series
Aluminum oxide DCB Aluminum nitride DCB Aluminium oxide DCB
300A     1MBI300V-170-50
400A 1MBI400V-120-50 1MBI400VF-120-50 1MBI400V-170-50
600A 1MBI600V-120-50 1MBI600VF-120-50 1MBI600V-170-50
900A 1MBI900V-120-50    

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