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Power Discrete

Fuji Electric offers power discrete products such as discrete IGBTs, SiC Schottky barrier diodes, and power MOSFETs for automotive applications.

Product List


Discrete IGBT

The discrete IGBT is for applications such as UPS, power conditioners, air conditioners, and welding machines, and it can be applied to power factor correction circuits and DC/AC converter circuits.
This product was developed using Fuji Electric's unique technology as an RB-IGBT with reverse withstand voltage features. It can be configured for bi-directional switching and 3-level inverter circuits.

SiC Schottky-Barrier Diodes (SBD)

SiC-SBD 2G Series

  • High speed switching
  • Low-VF : VF is about 15% lower than the conventional products (vs. 1G 650V)
  • Low-IR
  • High surge current capability: IFSM improved by about 60% compared to conventional products(vs. 1G)

SiC-SBD 1G Series

  • High speed switching
  • Low-VF
  • Low-IR
  • High surge current capability

Automotive Power MOSFET

Our lineup features low on-resistance and high gate resistance and includes:

  • Automotive Trench MOSFETs
  • IPS

Design Support

SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

Automotive Power MOSFET