Fuji IGBT Simulator (Online Version)

This tool is an online IGBT simulator based on PLECS®.
It can calculate the generated losses and temperature rises of IGBT products in various circuits.

  • Circuits Supported

    • Three-Phase 2-Level Inverters

    • Three-Phase T-type 3-Level Inverters
      Support for other circuits is also planned

  • Latest IGBT Product Database

Features of the Online IGBT Simulator
  • IGBT generated loss and temperature calculations in 2-level and 3-level inverter circuits

  • Supports various PWM methods

  • Heatsink and temperature conditions can be set.

  • Calculation results are shown as waveforms and numerical data

  • The results from multiple conditions can be displayed on the same screen for easy comparison


Differences in calculation accuracy may mean that the simulation results differ from the offline simulator.

How to use the Online IGBT Simulator
Link to Fuji IGBT Simulator