Ordering Information

SPH product
E-SX bus CPU module
E-SX bus extension cable*1
E-SX bus Communication module
E-SX bus Separate placement unit
E-SX bus ROM card
CPU module
Power supply module
Base board
SX bus extension cable*1
SX bus T-branch unit
Digital input module*2
Digital out module*2
Digital I/O module*2
Analog input module
Analog output module
Analog I/O module
Communication module
Positioning module*2
Function module
Extended FB software package
Personal computer loader*4
Loader connecting cable
ROM cassette
Online adapter
I/O terminal
CPU board
Interface board
Power Supply Unit for FLT-ASFKA
Renewal tool


Any length of cable is applicable. Contact our sales representatives for details.


Connectors (solder type) for digital input, output, I/O mixture and positioning module are separately sold. Applicable connector type: Fujitsu FCN-361J040-AU (connector), FCN-360C040-B (cover), our product type: NP8V-CN


Ask our sales representative for the English version and the Chinese version.


The OS and the Japanese conversion software are not included.