Renewal Tool

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Renewal Tool: NP8RE□□□-□□


Significantly reduced I/O wiring work
Since I/O wiring is usable as it is, wiring work and checking can be omitted, and wiring work time can be significantly reduced to 1/5.

Speedy board modifications on site
The dimensions of the frame of the renewal tool are the same as those of the MICREX-F series base board. You do not have to perform any on-site additional work such as drilling.

Easy mounting and replacement, easy checking of state indication LEDs
SX series modules are designed to be mounted on the renewal tool and can be replaced with a single motion. The state indication LEDs can also be checked.

Flexible layout
SPH modules can be mounted not only on but also beside and above the renewal tool. You can arrange them any way that you wish according to the field layout.

MICREX-F Size I/O Module (Renewal Tool): NP8□-□


No control panel modification is required
The dimensions of the base board mounting hole for the control panel are the same as those of the M/F series base board. Also, the depth length is minimized.

No wiring change is required
The same terminal block as one of the MICREX series FTU module is used, so the existing terminal block of the MICREX series can be connected as it is. Also, the electrical performance is inherited from the MICREX-F series.

Easy module replacement and signal check
The module placed on the front allows you to check signals regularly and to quickly replace the module in an emergency.

Can be used as an extension unit in MICREX-F series system
This module has a function allowing to logically change the bit order of terminal block signal wiring. MICREX-F processor modules can be replaced in T-link extension unit as they are.