Programing Support Tool Expert(D300win)

Programming Support Tool: NP4H-SEDBV3
Programmer Expert (D300win)

Completely conforms to the IEC61131-3 International Standard
Writing in multiple languages
The Expert (D300win) completely supports five types of program representations specified by the standards.
It allows the programmer to code the proper combination of representations for the control target.

Supported representations
IL(Instruction List)
LD(Ladder Diagram)
FBD(Function Block Diagram)
ST(Structured Text)
SFC(Sequential Function Chart)

Excellent documentation function
The documentation preparation function has been substantially improved. Not only can it print drawing numbers, dates, page, and drawing borders, but also company logos and comments.

Simulation function
This tool enables program test runs using the simulation function built in Expert (D300win), without using the actual unit.

Function module support function/ POD cooperation function
The Expert (D300win) has implemented function module support and POD cooperation support functions as common support tools.
The function module support can be operated with the programming supporting tool connecting CPU module.


Improvement of software development efficiency
Programming in units of POU or worksheets allows the use of the structured design method by which a program is created by dividing it by functionality or process. This method enables multiple designers to divide the program design among them so that a substantial reduction in the program creation time can be achieved.

Programming of the same techniques as those of microcomputers and personal computers
The ST language is similar to the C language so that programs can be created using the same techniques as those of microcomputers and personal computers for complex calculations that are hard to implement using the Ladder language. Programs and circuits that are frequently used can easily be reused by making them FB (function blocks).