Control Level Communication Module

FL-net Ver. 3 (100 Mbps adaption) Module: NP1L-FL3
  • Up to 8 Computer Level Communication Modules including P/PE-link can be installed on the base board equipped with CPU. (For SPH200, up to two modules)

  • Data exchange between processors
    Cyclic data communication, message communication

  • OPCN-2 (FL-net) loader commands supported

  • SX system loader functions via network are supported.

  • NP1L-FL3

LONWORKS Interface Module: NP1L-LW1
  • Uses the communication extension FB compatible with the LONWORKS network, making it easier to transfer and receive MICREX-SX application data to/from other LONWORKS nodes.

  • Max. number of NVs: 300, number of CPs: up to 200 intelligent nodes can be configured.

  • Up to two units can be mounted in a single system (configuration).

  • NP1L-LW1

P-link Module : NP1L-PL1
PE-link Module : NP1L-PE1
  • Up to eight P/PE-link modules can be installed in a single system configuration. (For SPH200, up to two modules))

  • N:N communications in the token passing method

  • Data exchange between processors Broadcast communication, message communication

  • User program upload/download and processor start/stop are possible from the host computer.

  • Remote programming for other processor is possible via the P/PE-link.

  • NP1L-PL1(P link)

  • NP1L-PE1(PE link)

LE-net Module : NP1L-LE1
LE-net Loop2 Module : NP1L-LL2
  • Up to eight LE-net modules can be installed in a single system configuration. (For SPH200, up to two modules)

  • LE-net is an original network of Fuji Electric. It is a lowpriced link module between processors to conduct communication with other nodes connected to the LE-net.

  • Broadcast communication and message communication can be conducted.

  • The LE-net can be connected either as a multi-drop network or a single loop redundant wiring network.

  • If the transmission line is broken, a transmission error occurs in a multi-drop network, but in a loop network, data communication between nodes can continue. This enables construction of a highly reliable system at a relatively low cost.

  • It is possible for the loop-2 module to make the LE-net modules redundant by using the redundancy maintenance FB. The single configuration and the redundant configuration can coexist within a loop.

  • NP1L-LE1

  • NP1L-LL2

General Purpose Computer Level Communication Module:NP1L-RS*
  • Can be combined with an extension FB for communications with diverse equipment without creating any communication control program.

  • Communication port can be used as the loader connection port, which is effective in debugging from the SX bus expansion side installed at a distance.

  • NP1L-RS1

  • NP1L-RS2

  • NP1L-RS3

  • NP1L-RS4

  • NP1L-RS5

General Purpose Communication FB Software for FA Equipment

Various communication protocols are available by combining the software with general purpose Computer Level Communication Modules andstoring the extended FB in the CPU module.
This FB software can be downloaded from our website at no charge.