Product warranty

Dear Customers of Fuji Electric Controller,

Dear Customers of Fuji Electric Controller,

The warranty of this product is as follows unless the special instructions state otherwise in the quote, contract, catalogue, or specifications at the time of quote or order.
The purpose or area of use may be limited, and a routine checkup may be required depending on the product. Please contact the distributor from which you purchased the product from, or Fuji Electric for further information.
Please conduct prompt incoming inspection of the product upon purchase or delivery. Also, please give enough consideration to management and maintenance of the product prior to accepting the product.

1.Period and coverage of the warranty

1-1 Period

(1)The period of the warranty is effective until the earliest of either a year from the date of purchase or, eighteen (24) months from the date of manufacture printed on the plate.

(2)The above period may not be applicable in case the particular environment, conditions or frequency of use affects the lifetime of the product.

(3)The warranty for the parts repaired by Fuji Electric service department is effective for six months from the date of repair.

1-2 Coverage

(1)If malfunction occurs in the period of warranty due to Fuji Electric, the malfunctioning parts are exchanged or repaired for free at the point of purchase or delivery. However, the warranty does not apply to the following cases.

[1]The malfunction occurs due to inappropriate conditions, environment, handling or usage that is not instructed in a catalogue, instruction book or user's manual.

[2]The malfunction is caused by the factors that do not originate in the purchased or delivered product.

[3]The malfunction is caused by other devices or software design that does not originate in Fuji Electric products.

[4]The malfunction occurs due to an alteration or repair that is not performed by Fuji Electric.

[5]The malfunction occurs because the expendable parts listed in an instruction book or catalogue were not maintained nor exchanged in an appropriate manner.

[6]The malfunction occurs due to factors that were not foreseeable by the practical application of science and technology at the time of purchase or delivery.

[7]The malfunction occurs because the product is used for an unintended purpose.

[8]The malfunction occurs due to a disaster or natural disaster that Fuji Electric is not responsible for.

(2)The warranty is only applicable to the single purchased delivered product.

(3)The warranty covers only the area stated in above (1). Any damage induced by the malfunction of the purchased or delivered product, including the damage or loss to a device or machine and passive damages, is not covered by the warranty.

1-3 Malfunction diagnosis

Malfunction is to be diagnosed temporarily by the purchaser. This diagnosis can be conducted by Fuji Electric or its delegated service provider with due charge upon the request from the purchaser. The charge is to be paid by the purchaser at the rate stipulated in the rate schedule of Fuji Electric.

2.Liability for opportunity loss

Regardless of the time period of the occurrence, Fuji Electric is not liable for the damage caused by the factors Fuji Electric is not responsible for, opportunity loss of the purchaser caused by malfunction of Fuji Electric product, passive damages, damage caused due to special situations regardless of whether it was foreseeable or not, and secondary damage, accident compensation, damage to products that were not manufactured by Fuji Electric, and compensation towards other operations.

3.Period for repair and provision of spare parts after the production is discontinued (maintenance period)

The discontinued models (products) can be repaired for seven years from the date of discontinuation. Also, most spare parts used for repair are provided for seven years from the date of discontinuation. However, some electric parts may not be obtained due to their short life cycle. In this case, repair or provision of the parts may be difficult in the above period. Please contact Fuji Electric or its service providers for further information.

4.Delivered term

Standard products that do not entail application setting or adjustment are regarded as received by the purchaser upon delivery. Fuji Electric is not responsible for local adjustments and test runs.


The price of the delivered or purchased products does not include the service fee for the technician. Please contact Fuji Electric or its service providers for further information.

6.Scope of application

Above contents shall be assumed to apply to transactions and use of the country where you purchased the products. Consult the local supplier or Fuji for the detail separately.