Function Module

Memory Card Interface Module: NP1F-MM1

Equipped with 1 slot for PC card interface (PCMCIA) as standard.
Use of a commercially available memory card makes it possible to store data from the CPU modules or carry out reading control and/or management on information from the memory card.
Programs can be uploaded/downloaded from/to the CPU module.
Files can be read/written from the personal computer via the PC card slot.
Used to back up programs when configuring a redundant (N:1) system for CPU modules.

  • NP1F-MM1

Dummy Module: NP1F-DMY

When your system will be expanded in the future, the dummy module can be used as a substitute for the extension module.
If an active module has failed during operation of the system, the system can be restarted when you replace the failed module with the dummy module (which, however, cannot perform the functions of the failed module).

  • NP1F-DMY

Multiuse Computer Level Communication Module: NP1F-MU1

High-speed communication (RS-485: Max. 460.8 kbps) with actuators and sensors can be implemented.
Optimal communication with devices of various manufacturers can be implemented by freely creating a communication protocol. Protocols can be created by modifying the sample FB.
Microcomputer circuit boards can be replaced by creating original firmware.

  • NP1F-MU1

Flow Meter F/AD Conversion Module: NP1F-PI4

Instantaneous and cumulative flows can be displayed at the same time.

  • No-voltage semiconductor input (two-wire/three-wire)

  • Voltage input (two-wire/three-wire)

  • Two-wire current input

  • Two-wire contact input

A transducer is unnecessary as the module is insulated with high pressure-resistance (1000 V AC) between channels.
A displacement type flow meter (oval type flow meter) can be connected.

  • NP1F-PI4