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PCI-Bus-Based SPH300 CPU Board: NP3PS-SX1PCS**


The board is provided with an extension connector of the SX bus, allowing connection to diverse SX-based devices (indicators, remote I/O, servo units, etc.) as well as standalone operation on a personal computer.
When programming supporting tool Expert (D300win) conforming to IEC is installed in a personal computer with this board mounted, programming and maintenance can be performed from the personal computer. Like the SPH300, this board is provided with a loader connector as standard. This makes it possible to perform programming and maintenance also from other personal computers with Expert (D300win).
This board is connected to the PCI bus through 8 Kwords dual port memory, allowing high-speed data transmission. It can interface to applications for personal computers.
A communication driver for data access with this board has been prepared.
Using the high-speed data exchange function, data in the general memory of PLC can be read at high speed from the personal computer or data can be written into the standard memory.


PCI-Bus-Based FL-net (OPCN-2) Ver. 2.0 Board: NP3L-FL3PCS


Two different communication functions by application

With cyclic communication, this board supports both the common memory function, which allows each node to share the same data, and the message communication function, which exchanges only the necessary information when required.

Large capacity common memory

The capacity of the common memory is 8 Kbits and 8 Kwords.

High reliability by the master-less method

Since no master exists, participation and removal of each node can freely be performed without affecting communication of other nodes. The power of any node can be turned ON or OFF, allowing easy maintenance.


PCI-Bus-Based LE-net Loop 2 Board: NP3L-LL2PCS


LE-net is an original network of Fuji Electric. It is a low-priced link board between processors to conduct communication with other nodes connected to the LE-net.
Broadcast communication and message communication can be conducted.
The LE-net can be connected either as a multi-drop network or a single loop redundant wiring network. The loop network includes a loop-2 network in which the user data send/ receive area is extended. For this board, the loop-2 mode has been adopted.
If the transmission line is broken, a transmission error occurs in a multi-drop network, but in a loop network, data communication between nodes can continue. This enables construction of a highly reliable system at a relatively low cost.
Since this board uses the loop-2 mode, LE-net loop-2 modules can be connected to the same system.


Power Supply Unit for FLT-ASFKA NP8S-LC*


This unit serves to provide power for the conversion adapter (FLT-ASFKA), which is used to connect a PC loader through the T-link.
A board-mounting type (model: NP8S-LC1) and a tabletopmounting type (model: NP8S-LC2) are available.

  • NP8S-LC