Fuji Electric Report 2015

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01~02 Brand Statement / Corporate Philosophy / Management Policies / Fuji Electric Code of Conduct PDF[53.7KB]
03~04 Fuji Electric’s Energy-Related Businesses PDF[91.8KB]
05~08 To Our Stakeholders PDF[115KB]
09~24 Business Report PDF[573KB]
  09~10 Consolidated Financial Highlights PDF[43.6KB]
11~19 Review of Operations PDF[418KB]
  11~14 Fiscal 2014 Performance PDF[137KB]
15~16 Management Plan for Fiscal 2015 PDF[71.7KB]
17~18 Overseas Operations PDF[271KB]
19 Capital Expenditures and R&D Expenditures PDF[43.9KB]
20~21 Research and Development PDF[110KB]
22 Intellectual Property PDF[53.9KB]
23 Manufacturing PDF[86KB]
24 Procurement PDF[39.4KB]
25~30 Special Features PDF[590KB]
  25~26 1. Saving Energy through Reuse of Factory Exhaust Heat PDF[158KB]
27~28 2. The Challenge of Optimizing Energy in the Agricultural Sector PDF[188KB]
29~30 3. Contributing to Facility Safety and Security and Higher Productivity throughout the Lifecycle PDF[341KB]
31~42 CSR Activities PDF[389KB]
  31 Fuji Electric’s CSR PDF[58.8KB]
32~34 Human Resources PDF[100KB]
35~40 Environment PDF[160KB]
41~42 Contributing to Communities PDF[176KB]
43~48 Management PDF[141KB]
  43~44 Corporate Governance PDF[42.8KB]
45 List of Officers PDF[98.6KB]
46 Compliance PDF[43.2KB]
47~48 Risk Management PDF[54.4KB]
49~52 Corporate Information PDF[287KB]

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