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SiC Devices

SiC devices have excellent characteristics that realize high blocking voltage, low loss, high-frequency operation and high-temperature operation. Power semiconductors that use SiC achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption, and can be used to develop smaller and lighter products.
SiC Devices

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IGBT Hybrid Modules with SiC-SBD X series / V series

Hybrid SiC Modules - New product information

  • High performance chips
    ーX series / V series IGBT for low loss operation
    ーSiC-SBD for low loss operation
  • The same package lineup as the conventional Si-IGBT modules

All-SiC Modules

  • The latest generation SiC trench gate MOSFETs for significantly low loss operation
  • The compatible package lineup as the conventional Si-IGBT modules
  • Lower inductance package

SiC Schottky-Barrier Diodes (SBD)

SiC-SBD 2G Series

  • High speed switching
  • Low-VF : VF is about 15% lower than the conventional products (vs. 1G 650V)
  • Low-IR
  • High surge current capability: IFSM improved by about 60% compared to conventional products(vs. 1G)

SiC-SBD 1G Series

  • High speed switching
  • Low-VF
  • Low-IR
  • High surge current capability