Fuji Electric has a lineup pf power MOSFETs ranging from medium to high-voltage types with features such as low power loss, low noise, and low on-resistance. We have also developed the "Super J MOS®" Series, which adopts super-junction technology, mainly for 600V products.

Power MOSFET Model Type List

The Power MOSFET Model Type List is a line-up of medium and high voltage MOSFET that includes the following series:
・Super FAP-E3, E3S Series
・Super J MOS® S1, S1FD, S2, S2FD Series

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Fuji Electric's power MOSFETs are used in a wide variety of fields including vehicle-mounted applications and public welfare and industrial equipment applications.

Low-voltage MOSFET:

We have a product line-up that includes
- trench MOSFET
- vehicle-mounted power IC
characterized by low on-resistance and high gate resistance.

Medium and high voltage MOSFET:

We have developed a line-up that includes
- Super FAP-E3, E3S Series
- Super J MOS® Series
characterized by low on-resistance, low noise, and low switching loss. These products contribute to the high efficiency operation of power supply equipment.

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