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Small-IPM X Series Common

This page lists technical documents for the Small-IPM X Series Common.

Series name Rated current Title Document No. PDF size Publication date
X common ΔTvj Power cycling lifetime curve MT6M14324 440KB Jan. 2022
X 15, 20, 30, 35A SCSOA MT6M14321 213KB Feb. 2018
RBSOA MT6M14322 173KB Feb. 2018
Consumption current of control supply circuit vs. carrier frequency MT6M14323 461KB Feb. 2018
Bootstrap Diode (BSD) built-in current limiting resistance characteristics MT6M14329 231KB Feb. 2018
Allowable output current vs. carrier frequency (simulation value) MT6M14330 478KB Feb. 2018
X 50, 75A Short circuit withstand capability and SCSOA MT6M16544 689KB Apr. 2022