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IGBT Module Mounting Instructions

This page lists our IGBT module mounting instructions.

Title Package No. Document No. Size Date
Standard 2in1 M263, M274, M275, M276, M277 MT5Q04319 0.7MB Oct. 2022
Dual XT solder pin type M254, M285 MT5Q04137 0.9MB Oct. 2022
Dual XT press fit pin type M282, M286 MT5F29194 1.55MB Aug. 2016
EconoPACK™+ M629 MT5Q1070 0.9MB Oct. 2022
PrimePACK™ M271, M272, M291, M404 MT5Q01780 1.7MB Oct. 2022
EconoPIM™, EconoPACK™ press fit type M721, M722, M647, M648 MT5F22233 2.2MB Oct. 2022
EconoPIM™, EconoPACK™ solder pin type M711, M712, M719, M720,
M633, M636, M668, M669
MT6M14904 0.9MB Oct. 2022
Small PIM solder pin type M728, M729, M732, M733 MT6M10210 1.06MB Mar. 2022
Small PIM press fit pin type M726, M727, M730, M731 MT6M09794 1.36MB Mar. 2022
High Power Modules M151, M152, M256, M155,
M156, M278
MT5Q01943 766KB Jan. 2022
IGBT Modules for EV, HEV M653 MT5F37311 1.6MB Aug. 2019
Small IPM (P633A Series) P633A MT6M15589 1.0MB Oct. 2022
Small IPM (P642 Series) P642 MT6M16534 1.3MB Oct. 2022

Note: EconoPACK™+, EconoPACK™, EconoPIM™ and PrimePACK™ are registered trademarks of Infineon Technologies AG, Germany.