Fuji Electric has been developing IGBT modules designed to be used as switching elements for power converters of variable-speed drives for motors, uninterruptable power supplies, and more. IGBT has superior characteristics combining the high-speed switching performance of a power MOSEFT with the high-voltage/high-current handling capabilities of a bipolar transistor.

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Features of the IGBT Module X Series

Reduces power dissipation to contribute to energy saving

The IGBT and diode devices of Fuji electric’s 7th-generation X series that constitute these modules have been made thinner and miniaturized, thereby optimizing the device structure. This has successfully reduced power dissipation in inverter operation compared with conventional products (Fuji Electric's 6thgeneration V Series), contributing to energy saving and power cost reduction of the equipment on which the module is installed.

Achieves equipment size reduction

A newly developed insulating substrate has been applied in order to improve the module’s heat dissipation. Combined with the feature described above (reduced power dissipation) to suppress heat generation, an approximately 36%*1 reduction has been achieved in comparison to the conventional module. In addition, the maximum temperature guaranteed in continuous operation has been increased from the conventional 150°C to 175°C, which allows the output current to be increased by up to 35%*2 while maintaining the size of the equipment on which the module is installed. This contributes to reducing the size and total cost of the equipment.

  • *1: Mounting area ratio with 1200 V 75A PIM models
  • *2: Value estimated from simulation results

Contributes to improving equipment reliability

Newly developed structures and materials of the module have realized to increase its stability and durability in high-temperature operation. This contributes to improving the stability and reliability of the equipment on which the module is installed.

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